AI bubble about to burst?

Is there an AI bubble in the stock market and if so – will it burst any time soon?

The recent surge of interest in artificial intelligence (AI) has ignited a significant rally in technology stocks.

Firms engaged in AI development, such as semiconductor producers crucial to AI technology and cloud service providers offering the necessary computing infrastructure, have experienced significant returns.

The stock market is abuzz with excitement over artificial intelligence (AI). With technology stocks on the rise, some investors are questioning whether this signifies an AI bubble that could eventually pop.

The AI Rally Early Winners

In recent months, a select group of large U.S. companies has spearheaded advancements. These pioneers include semiconductor manufacturers critical for AI technology and cloud service providers equipped to commercialise it. The financial returns have been remarkable.

Not Your Typical Bubble 

Despite the rally, experts argue that we’re not in a traditional bubble.

  • Market Concentration: The market rally has shown a high level of concentration. A mere 15 companies have contributed to more than 90% of the returns in the S&P 500 Index from January to June. Given that these frontrunners are predominantly large corporations, the equity market has experienced an exceptional concentration of returns.
  • Valuations and Balance Sheets: Contrary to previous bubbles, such as the internet bubble of 2000, the valuations of today’s leading technology stocks are not overly inflated. These firms have strong balance sheets and deliver significant returns on investment. It’s probable that we are still in the initial phases of a new technological cycle, which may result in continued superior performance.
  • U.S. vs European Tech: Valuations in the U.S. technology sector have garnered an unusual premium compared to European tech companies. This highlights the significance of the AI narrative, considering that the majority of leading AI companies are based in the U.S.
  • Future Growth Assumptions: Investors seem to expect much higher future growth for these tech giants, despite rising rates.

The AI Bubble Debate 

Although tech stock valuations are high compared to historical standards, this doesn’t automatically indicate a bubble. The present price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio for the U.S. tech sector is indeed high, but context is key. The top seven US companies at the forefront of the generative AI industry have an average P/E ratio of 25.


The AI market has not reached bubble status as of now, but careful monitoring is essential. Staying vigilant about valuations, market dominance, and growth projections is important as we venture through this dynamic technological terrain, distinguishing genuine potential from mere speculation.

AI is here to stay, and this is just the beginning of a new ever powerful revolution.

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