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Anthropic launches Claude in Europe – its AI chatbot

Anthropic, the artificial intelligence (AI) startup backed by Amazon, reported on Monday 13th May 2024 that it’s launching its generative AI assistant Claude in Europe on Tuesday 14th May 2024. will be accessible to both individuals and businesses via the web and an iPhone app. While it is already free on both platforms in the U.K., Anthropic states that this marks the product’s inaugural launch for users in the EU and non-EU nations such as, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.

Anthropic is introducing a paid subscription-based version of its Claude assistant, named Claude Pro, which will provide users with access to all its models, including the highly advanced Claude 3 Opus.

In its announcement about launching Claude in European countries, Anthropic emphasized security and privacy as central aspects.

Earlier this year, the EU enacted the first significant global regulatory framework to govern AI.

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