Space data centre

Data centres are expected to consume over 3% of Europe’s electricity demand by 2030 The surge in artificial intelligence (AI) has significantly increased the demand for data centres, essential for the ‘exploding’ tech sector. This necessity has led Europe to consider spatial alternatives for digital storage, aiming to diminish relianceRead More →

Asteroid in Earth fly-by

There are two massive asteroids that will fly past Earth this week. Asteroid (415029) 2011 UL21 Size: Approximately 7,600 feet long Distance from Earth: It will pass by Earth at a distance of more than four million miles (over 17 times further than our moon). Visibility: Visible with small telescopes through Sunday, appearing brightest on Friday. AsteroidRead More →

2 trillion

During intraday trading on Wednesday 26th June 2024, Amazon’s market capitalisation surpassed $2 trillion. The company now stands among other tech giants like Nvidia, Apple, Alphabet, and Microsoft, which have also achieved a market cap of over $2 trillion ($3 trillion for in Nvidia Apple and Microsoft). Amazon’s shares haveRead More →

Hot AI

To put this figure into some perspective, the loss is comparable to the GDP output of a small country, such as Norway, Singapore, or the UAE, for example. Global semiconductor stocks experienced volatility on Tuesday following a decline in Nvidia’s shares from the previous trading sessions. Shares of chip firmsRead More →

Market Cap up

The little-known company, Nvidia, now stands alongside Apple and Microsoft in market cap valuation thanks to AI. In just a little over a year it has all but tripled its market valuation and become a go to investment on Wall Street and around the world. Nvidia’s market capitalization has recentlyRead More →

S&P 500

The S&P 500 retreated on Thursday 20th June 2024, having momentarily surpassed the 5500 for the first time ever, as Nvidia, a favourite stock with Wall Street investors, relinquished its earlier gains. The S&P 500 index fell 0.25% to end at 5473. Earlier in the session, the S&P 500 gainedRead More →


Anthropic, a rival to OpenAI, unveiled Claude 3.5 Sonnet on Thursday, touting it as their most advanced AI model to date. Claude has joined the ranks of widely used chatbots such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini. Founded by former OpenAI research leaders, Anthropic has secured backing from major techRead More →

GPU power for AI

Nvidia, traditionally recognised within the gaming community for its graphics chips, has become the world’s most valuable publicly traded company. On Tuesday 18th June 2024, Nvidia’s shares rose by 3.6%, increasing its market cap to $3.34 trillion and overtaking Microsoft, now valued at $3.32 trillion. Earlier in the month, Nvidia’sRead More →

Credit card

Beginning in 2030, Mastercard will eliminate the need for Europeans to manually enter their card numbers during online checkout, regardless of the platform or device used. The familiar 16-digit card number will be substituted with a randomly generated ‘token.’ This change will enable consumers to complete payments with a singleRead More →

Microsoft will not include Recall, the artificial intelligence tool designed to track user activity, in the upcoming release of the Copilot+ PC. Concerns have been raised by industry experts about the possibility of hackers creating tools to extract user information. Microsoft has reportedly announced that Recall will transition from aRead More →

Elon Musk pay day

Tesla shareholders have voted to ratify CEO Elon Musk’s 2018 compensation package, which was previously rescinded by a Delaware judge in January. During the annual meeting in Austin, Texas, shareholders voted in Musk’s favour. Following Musk’s announcement that shareholders were likely to approve his pay package and a resolution toRead More →

Apple Intelligence

Apple’s shares reached a new record high of approximately $207 per share on Tuesday 11th June 2024, surpassing the previous record set in December. At its annual developer conference on Monday 10th June 2024, the company launched its highly anticipated venture into AI. Apple is playing catch-up in the AIRead More →

Raspberry Pi

The British computing startup Raspberry Pi is aiming to raise £166 million ($211.2 million) from its initial public offering in London on Tuesday 11th June 2024. The company, known for its compact single-board computers, has set its share price at 280 pence each. Conditional dealing of Raspberry Pi shares willRead More →

Ai microchip

While Nvidia continues to dominate the AI chip market headlines, Infineon, a German semiconductor company, is also making waves. Infineon is capitalizing on the AI surge, aiming to generate billions in revenue through the sale of premium chips. As AI applications proliferate, encompassing data centre servers and integrated chipsets forRead More →

AI chip

Kneron, a startup specializing in artificial intelligence chips, unveiled its latest products on Wednesday 4th June 2024. The company aims to exploit the growing world-wide interest in AI and provide an alternative to industry heavyweights such as Nvidia and AMD. The company, headquartered in Taiwan and supported by American semiconductorRead More →

Ai microchip

Intel announced its new Xeon 6 processors at the Computex tech conference in Taiwan on Tuesday 4th June 2024. This announcement coincides with the recent launches of new artificial intelligence chips by rivals Nvidia and AMD on Sunday and Monday 2nd and 3rd June 2024 – as they compete forRead More →