Robot Taxi

Tesla’s robot-taxi is coming!

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk recently made an announcement regarding the company’s robotaxi.

According to his social media post on X, Tesla will unveil its robotaxi product on 8th August 2024. This project has been a topic of discussion for several years and could potentially represent a significant new business venture for Tesla. 

The robotaxi initiative aims to allow Tesla vehicles to use self-driving technology for autonomous ride-hailing services, picking up passengers without human intervention.

Previous predictions

Elon Musk has made bold predictions regarding the timeline for robotaxis. In 2019, he anticipated having over a million robotaxis in operation by 2020. Currently, Tesla’s advanced driver-assistance systems, such as Autopilot and the premium Full Self-Driving option, still necessitate human oversight.

Nonetheless, amidst the competitive landscape of autonomous vehicles, Tesla remains steadfast in its pursuit of a fully autonomous future.

Tesla One year Chart

Tesla one year chart

Mass production?

Musk stated that a robotaxi model lacking a steering wheel or pedals is expected to enter mass production by 2024. The aim is to make the cost of a journey in the Tesla robotaxi lower than that of a public bus or underground train ticket.

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