Tesla charge EV point

The company intends to reduce its global workforce by over 10%, amounting to roughly 14,000 employees As of December, Tesla had a total of 140,473 employees worldwide. This decision is believed to be a response to the obstacles Tesla is encountering with slowing growth and operational effectiveness and cheaper competition. In anRead More →

Robot Taxi

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk recently made an announcement regarding the company’s robotaxi. According to his social media post on X, Tesla will unveil its robotaxi product on 8th August 2024. This project has been a topic of discussion for several years and could potentially represent a significant new business venture for Tesla. Read More →

EV tyres

The tyre industry is marked by fierce competition, static growth, and slim profit margins. But that is about to change. In recent years, the total market value has consistently hovered around $50 billion, with an annual growth rate of approximately 2%, according to research. However, the advent of electric vehiclesRead More →