Chinese EV makers continue their BIG push into European markets

This expansion occurs as the European Union investigates subsidies provided to Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers, a situation that may lead to the imposition of tariffs.

In May 2024 Nio opened a new EV showroom in Amsterdam, while Xpeng introduced its G9 and G6 sports utility vehicles in France.

Over the years, China’s electric vehicle industry has flourished due to the government’s incentives and support, raising concerns among politicians in Europe and the U.S.

Public marketing campaigns are unfolding against the backdrop of a European Commission investigation into subsidies provided to Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers. The outcome of this inquiry may result in EU tariffs being imposed on Chinese EV imports.

The United States has preempted such measures, with the Biden administration enacting a 100% tariff on Chinese EV imports.

Meanwhile, Chinese EV producers are intensifying their international expansion efforts, aiming to compete with Elon Musk’s Tesla on a global scale and secure an early advantage over traditional car manufacturers.

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