For true cryptocurrency bulls, the most lucrative investments in 2023 were in the stock market. While Bitcoin rallied over 150% for the year, shares of Coinbase, Marathon Digital, MicroStrategy and the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, which are all tied closely to the digital currency, did substantially better, rising more than 300% in value. Bitcoin miner Marathon Digital soared someRead More →


Stocks retreated Friday as a surge in the 10-year Treasury yield prompted broader concerns about the state of the economy. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is one of the most widely followed stock market indices in the world. It tracks the performance of 30 large U.S. companies from various sectors, suchRead More →

Dow Jones Industrial Average (Dow) performance on 3rd October 2023. The Dow fell more than 400 points, turning negative for the year. The main reason for the drop was the surge in U.S. Treasury yields, which reached their highest levels in 16 years. Higher yields mean higher borrowing costs for businessesRead More →


50 million iPhones sold in China every year Apple sells around 50 million iPhones in China annually. A sweeping ban is what investors fear and that spells trouble for Apple. Apple stock drops after The Wall Street Journal reported a day earlier that Chinese authorities have curbed the use of the iPhone.Read More →