AI art

Microsoft is promoting new computers equipped with advanced chips, engineered to operate the new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities embedded in the Windows operating system. On Monday 20th May 2024, Microsoft unveiled a Surface Laptop and a Surface Pro tablet, both featuring a Qualcomm chip capable of executing AI tasks bothRead More →

AI Chatbot Gemini

Google is advancing the frontiers of artificial intelligence (AI) with its new release, Gemini 1.5 Flash, which is set to transform our online information interactions. Unveiled at Google I/O 2024, this latest model enhances sophisticated features with rapid performance and efficiency. The new AI Chatbot was unveiled on 15th MayRead More →

Chatbot GPT-4o

OpenAI has just unveiled its latest flagship model, GPT-4o. This remarkable model can reason across audio, vision, and text in real time. Multimodal interaction GPT-4o accepts any combination of text, audio, and image as input and generates corresponding outputs in any of these modalities. It’s a step toward more natural human-computer interaction. Fast response timeRead More →

NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) has experienced remarkable growth over the past decade. Historical stock price trends As of 10th May 2024, NVIDIA’s closing stock price stood at: $898.78 NVIDIA’s stock reached an all-time high of $950.02 on 25th March 2024. The 52-week high stands at $974.00, which is 9.7% higher thanRead More →


The new AI tool from OpenAI named Sora, can generate realistic videos from text prompts. OpenAI has developed a new AI tool named Sora that can generate highly detailed videos of up to 60 seconds from descriptive text prompts. The tool has raised concerns about its potential misuse, particularly inRead More →


That’s reassuring then, and they are creating it Leaders at some of the world’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) companies are expecting a form of AI on a par with, or even exceeding human intelligence to arrive sometime in the near future. But what it will eventually look like and howRead More →


U.S. news organisation the New York Times is suing ChatGPT-owner OpenAI over claims its copyright was infringed to train the system. The New York Times has filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft for using its news stories to train chatbots without permission or compensation. The lawsuit claims that the defendantsRead More →

AI micro chip

Intel’s new chip will go head-to-head with Nvidia and AMD Intel unveiled new computer microchips on Thursday 14th December 2023, including Gaudi3, a chip for generative AI software. Intel also announced Core Ultra chips, designed for Windows laptops and PCs, and new fifth-generation Xeon server chips. Intel’s server and PCRead More →

AI microchips

Meta, OpenAI, and Microsoft said they will use AMD’s newest AI chip, the Instinct MI300X. An indication that tech companies want alternatives to the expensive Nvidia graphics processors that have been essential for artificial intelligence (AI). If the MI300X is good enough and inexpensive enough when it starts shipping earlyRead More →


ChatGPT, OpenAI’s chatbot is back online after experiencing a brief but major outage Wednesday am, 8th November 2023. The chatbot began returning errors before 9 a.m. ET, affecting OpenAI’s API users, which are used by more than two million developers. ChatGPT users were also told that ‘ChatGPT is at capacityRead More →


Apple and generative AI technology is a topic that has been generating a lot of interest and speculation lately. According to various reports, Apple is working on developing its own large language model and chatbot, which could potentially enhance its products and services with new features and capabilities. However, someRead More →


I can see and hear and speak… OpenAI’s ChatGPT can now ‘see, hear and speak,’ or, at least, understand spoken words, respond with a synthetic voice and process images, the company announced Monday 25th September 2023. The update to the chatbot OpenAI’s biggest since the introduction of GPT-4, allows users to opt intoRead More →

Tech AI led investment

E-commerce conglomerate Amazon announced on Monday 25th September 2023 that it will invest up to $4 billion in artificial intelligence (AI) firm Anthropic, a rival to ChatGPT developer OpenAI, and take a minority ownership position in the company. The move further enforces Amazon’s aggressive AI push as it aims toRead More →

AI chatbot

More than 6 million users already Baidu also announced that more than 6 million users have used an AI powered tool that sits inside its Google drive-like cloud product. At the 4th September event, Baidu also demonstrated ‘displayed generative’ AI-based products that could assist with traffic management, financial research andRead More →

The power of AI

Amazon is one of the leading companies in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and has been developing its own custom chips to power its AI applications and services. Amazon’s AI chips are designed to perform tasks such as natural language processing, computer vision, speech recognition, and machine learning inferenceRead More →


The U.S. cyber hacker challenge is a new initiative launched by the Biden administration in August 2023 to use artificial intelligence (AI) to protect critical U.S. infrastructure from cybersecurity risks.  The challenge will offer $20 million in prize money and includes collaboration from leading AI companies Anthropic, Google, Microsoft and OpenAI,Read More →

Robot AI

Accuracy According to a recent news article, Google says people should use its search engine to check whether information provided by Bard is actually accurate, as it may display inaccurate or offensive information that doesn’t represent Google’s views. Just Google views I wonder…? Google’s UK boss Debbie Weinstein said Bard wasRead More →

AI Robots Chatting

Baidu said its AI system called Ernie 3.5 outperformed OpenAI’s ChatGPT and GPT4 in several key areas.  ERNIE – Enhanced Language RepresentatioN with Informative Entities Ernie was first introduced in 2019, and since then, Baidu has been improving and upgrading it with new versions. The latest version, Ernie 3.5, was announcedRead More →