Apple finally now has AI and it’s called: Apple Intelligence (AI)

Apple has entered the artificial intelligence race with the announcement of its version of AI – Apple Intelligence on Monday 10th June 2024, in its attempt to catch up in the AI race.

Reportedly to use it on your phone, you’ll need at least the high-end iPhone 15 Pro from this year’s lineup.

According to Apple’s website, Apple Intelligence will also be compatible with devices equipped with the M1 chip, including the iPad Air, iPad Pro, and Macs.

Apple Intelligence, set to launch in beta this autumn, will offer a variety of features. It will be able to proofread and rewrite your text in different tones, create personalized emojis known as ‘Genmoji,‘ and search for specific messages on your iPhone.

Additionally, it will summarize and transcribe phone calls, manage priority notifications, and integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT for enhanced Siri responses.

Nothing new here then, just AI features already available elsewhere. Hopefully it will have a decent Apple AI make-over when it finally and fully arrives across all Apple products and platforms.

Apple isn’t leading in AI… yet – it’s just following for now!

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