Federal Reserve

Jerome Powell appears to be further paving the way for a rate cut at the next meeting in July 2024. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell reportedly said Monday 15th July 2024 that the central bank will not wait until inflation hits 2% to cut interest rates. Powell referenced the idea that centralRead More →

Luxury goods

Burberry shares slide on Monday 15th July 2024 after the UK luxury fashion group announced a profit warning and a dividend halt and said its chief executive officer (CEO) was being replaced. The maker of the iconic trench coat described a ‘disappointing’ fiscal first-quarter 2025 in a trading update. Burberry reportedlyRead More →

Soapbox politician

Plato – was an ancient Greek philosopher of the Classical period who is considered a foundational thinker in Western philosophy and an innovator of the written dialogue and dialectic forms. Plato’s most famous contribution is the theory of forms (or ideas). Along with his teacher Socrates, and Aristotle, his student, Plato is a central figure in the history of philosophy. Visit Wikipedia for moreRead More →

Record highs

Asia-Pacific markets witnessed highs on Tuesday 8th July 2024, mirroring the gains on Wall Street where the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite ended at record highs. India’s Nifty 50 index also hit an all-time high of 24401.2 Investors are anticipating the forthcoming U.S. consumer price index release to discern the Federal Reserve’sRead More →

Space data centre

Data centres are expected to consume over 3% of Europe’s electricity demand by 2030 The surge in artificial intelligence (AI) has significantly increased the demand for data centres, essential for the ‘exploding’ tech sector. This necessity has led Europe to consider spatial alternatives for digital storage, aiming to diminish relianceRead More →


Following a dismal beginning to 2024, Tesla’s stock has experienced a sharp rally, erasing its losses for 2023. Tesla’s shares ended on Friday at $251.55, marking a 27% increase for the week. The automaker announced on Tuesday 2nd July 2024 that its second-quarter vehicle deliveries surpassed forecasts. Tesla 5-day chartRead More →

U.S. market record highs

Markets respond positively to job data as the S&P 500 and Nasdaq break record highs, again! S&P 500 record high Nasdaq Composite record high Nasdaq 100 record high U.S. non-farm payrolls increase The U.S. economy added slightly more jobs than expected in June 2024 though the unemployment rate increased, the U.S.Read More →

Labour Party win 2024 election

The U.K.’s opposition Labour Party secured a significant parliamentary majority in the 2024 general election, displacing the incumbent Conservatives after 14 years in power. Labour surpassed the threshold of 326 majority required to govern without coalition support as outgoing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak acknowledged the loss. Sir Keir Starmer, theRead More →

Tungsten rare Earth metal

Tungsten is a critically important rare earth metal, renowned for its unique and valuable properties. Tungsten has the highest melting point among all metals, which makes it exceptionally suitable for high-temperature applications. Key aspects of its importance Industrial and technological applications Tungsten is used in many industries where hardness, high density, high wearRead More →