Natural hydrogen

The natural hydrogen gold rush is captivating attention worldwide as a potential game-changer in the quest for cost-effective, low-carbon energy sources. Countries such as the U.S., Canada, Australia, France, Spain, Colombia, and South Korea are actively engaged in exploratory efforts for geological hydrogen. What Is Natural Hydrogen? Natural hydrogen, also referred toRead More →

AI in healthcare

NVIDIA reportedly introduced about twenty or so new AI-driven tools tailored for healthcare at its 2024 GTC AI conference, securing partnerships with Johnson & Johnson and GE Healthcare for surgical and medical imaging applications. For the AI chip pioneer, venturing into healthcare represents a decade-long development effort with substantial revenueRead More →

Small generic electric car

The EV named ‘Seagull’ sub $10,000 price tag. This vehicle will likely take-off! Global automakers are becoming increasingly concerned that Chinese competitors, such as the Warren Buffett-endorsed BYD, might saturate their EV market with cheaper EVs, potentially undermining local production and reducing vehicle prices. Concerns have been raised that thisRead More →

Japan and Bitcoin

Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF), the world’s largest pension fund, is reportedly considering Bitcoin as a potential investment. With an impressive $1.4 trillion in assets under management, the GPIF’s exploration of Bitcoin represents a notable departure from its conventional investment approach. This development occurs during a significant increase inRead More →

EU flag

On Monday, 25th March 2024, the European Union initiated its first investigation under the new Digital Markets Act, targeting Apple, Alphabet, and Meta for potential tech legislation breaches. Statement “Today, the Commission has opened non-compliance investigations under the Digital Markets Act (DMA) into Alphabet’s rules on steering in Google Play and self-preferencing on GoogleRead More →

U.S. China trade microchip trade battle

China has reportedly prohibited the use of U.S. processors from both AMD and Intel in government computers and servers. The directive is designed to encourage the use of domestic alternatives. Chinese government agencies are now required to choose ‘safe and reliable’ domestic alternatives for these chips. The sanctioned list featuresRead More →

Nikkei index up

Japan’s Nikkei 225 index briefly surpassed 41000, reaching a new all-time high on Friday 22nd March 2024, as the nation’s inflation rate reportedly accelerated in February 2024. Other Asia-Pacific markets experienced declines. The headline inflation rate in Japan for February 2024 was reported at 2.8%, an increase from the 2.2%Read More →

U.S. vs Apple Lawsuit

The U.S. has reportedly initiated a significant lawsuit against Apple, alleging that the technology giant has monopolised the smartphone market and stifled competition. The Justice Department claims that Apple has misused its dominance over the iPhone App Store to ‘lock in’ customers and developers. The company is also accused ofRead More →


The surge in gold prices continues, reaching a new peak on Thursday 21st March 2024, with predictions of further increases as central banks around the world persist in acquiring significant amounts of bullion. Some analysts believe the gold price could climb as high as $2300 per ounce in the latterRead More →

EV tyres

The tyre industry is marked by fierce competition, static growth, and slim profit margins. But that is about to change. In recent years, the total market value has consistently hovered around $50 billion, with an annual growth rate of approximately 2%, according to research. However, the advent of electric vehiclesRead More →

UK inflation

In February 2024, inflation decreased to 3.4%, a decline from January’s 4%, moving closer to the Bank of England’s self-imposed target of 2% This reduction signifies that the cost of living is increasing at its least rapid rate since September 2021, when it was recorded at 3.1%. Since reaching aRead More →


Bitcoin extended its slide on Tuesday 19th March 2024, dropping more than $10,000 from its all-time high last week. The cryptocurrency went below $63000. Last week it climbed to a record $73679. The move helped drag other cryptocurrencies lower. Ether lost more than 5% and was recently trading at $3,287.58 after topping $4,000 lastRead More →

The flag of Japan

In a move that reverberated across global financial markets, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) recently bid farewell to its negative interest rate policy – the last of its kind in the world. This decision marks a pivotal moment in the realm of central banking and has far-reaching implications for economiesRead More →


Nvidia have announced a new generation of artificial intelligence chips and software for running AI models. It’s called: The Blackwell B200 GPU Blackwell B200 GPU The Blackwell B200 is the successor to Nvidia’s Hopper H100 and H200 GPUs. It represents a massive generational leap in computational power. AI Performance: TheRead More →

Super AI computing

Microsoft: Pioneering Supercomputing for the AI future In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Microsoft stands out as a global supercomputing firm that’s making significant strides in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). With a vision to empower developers and organizations, Microsoft has invested heavily in creating cutting-edge infrastructure that fuels AI researchRead More →

Online teaching

In 2018, Byju Raveendran’s edtech company, Byju’s, was the darling of India’s start-up scene. It was valued at a staggering $22 billion. However, recent times have seen its fortunes take a dramatic downturn. Financial Crisis and Valuation Plunge Once India’s leading privately-held company, Byju’s is now regarded as a cautionary tale. Investment company BlackRock recently slashed its valuationRead More →

Not working

More than a fifth of working-age adults in the UK are currently not actively seeking employment, according to recent figures. The economic inactivity rate during the period from November 2023 to January 2024 stood at 21.8%, a slight increase compared to the previous year. This means that approximately 9.2 million people aged between 16 and 64 are neither employed nor activelyRead More →