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Why are big name EV makers worried about a… ‘Seagull’

The EV named ‘Seagull’ sub $10,000 price tag. This vehicle will likely take-off!

Global automakers are becoming increasingly concerned that Chinese competitors, such as the Warren Buffett-endorsed BYD, might saturate their EV market with cheaper EVs, potentially undermining local production and reducing vehicle prices.

Concerns have been raised that this could damage national automotive industries, and balance sheets. However, it would undoubtedly benefit consumers by providing more affordable entry-level electric vehicles.

The BYD Seagull, an all-electric hatchback manufactured in China, is priced at only 69800 yuan (under $10,000) and is said to be profitable for the rapidly growing Chinese automaker.

There’s fear among global automakers that BYD and other Chinese rivals could flood their markets, undercutting domestic production and vehicle prices.

The Chinese are coming to a town near you – it’s just business.

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