Tesla charge EV point

The company intends to reduce its global workforce by over 10%, amounting to roughly 14,000 employees As of December, Tesla had a total of 140,473 employees worldwide. This decision is believed to be a response to the obstacles Tesla is encountering with slowing growth and operational effectiveness and cheaper competition. In anRead More →

Small generic electric car

The EV named ‘Seagull’ sub $10,000 price tag. This vehicle will likely take-off! Global automakers are becoming increasingly concerned that Chinese competitors, such as the Warren Buffett-endorsed BYD, might saturate their EV market with cheaper EVs, potentially undermining local production and reducing vehicle prices. Concerns have been raised that thisRead More →

EV concept

Apple has reportedly cancelled its plans to build an electric car, bringing an end to a secretive project known as Project Titan The EV project consumed immense resources over the past 10 years, with executives from the company making an unexpected announcement. The decision to halt the program marks a significant retreat from Apple’sRead More →

EV & hybrid sales up for BYD

Tesla recalled more than two million cars in December 2023 after the U.S. regulator found its driver assistance system, Autopilot, was partly defective, it was reported. It follows a two-year investigation into crashes which occurred when the tech was in use. The recall applies to almost every Tesla sold in the U.S.Read More →


The stock dropped more than 15% over the last few days after the company posted third-quarter earnings on Wednesday 20th October 2023.  The earnings report showed that Tesla missed analysts’ expectations on revenue and earnings per share. Tesla also announced a recall of 475,000 vehicles in the US due to aRead More →


Shares of Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers took a hit on Thursday 18th October 2023 after Tesla reported disappointing 3Q results on Wednesday 17th October 2023. It was the first time Tesla, co-founded by Elon Musk, missed on both earnings and revenue since Q2 2019. On Thursday morning, Hong Kong-listed shares of Chinese EV makers BYD and Xpeng fellRead More →

Electric Car

Leader China has been leading the global electric vehicle (EV) market for years, thanks to its large domestic demand, generous government subsidies, and well-established battery and electronics industry. However, the west is not giving up on the race to electrify the transport sector and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Europe reportedlyRead More →