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Tesla to lay off over 10% of global workforce

The company intends to reduce its global workforce by over 10%, amounting to roughly 14,000 employees

As of December, Tesla had a total of 140,473 employees worldwide.

This decision is believed to be a response to the obstacles Tesla is encountering with slowing growth and operational effectiveness and cheaper competition.

In an internal memo, billionaire owner Elon Musk addressed the layoffs, acknowledging that it was a difficult decision but necessary for the company’s future. He emphasized the need to streamline operations and prepare for the next phase of growth. 

The layoffs have already begun and also include some key executives. 


Analysts offer diverse interpretations of the layoffs. Some perceive them as indicative of cost pressures stemming from Tesla’s investments in new models and artificial intelligence (AI).

The company’s delay in updating its aging vehicle lineup, coupled with high interest rates, has weakened consumer demand. Moreover, the influx of affordable electric vehicles, especially from China, such as BYD, has intensified the competition.

Efficiency drive?

While the layoffs indicate challenges, they also highlight Tesla’s dedication to adaptability and efficiency. As the electric vehicle (EV) industry progresses, Tesla strives to stay lean, innovative, and strategically positioned for ongoing growth. The company is scheduled to announce its quarterly earnings later this month, which analysts will scrutinize in the context of the recent workforce reductions.

In summary, Tesla’s layoffs are indicative of the intricate dynamics within the automotive sector, where innovation, cost control, and market forces converge.

The company’s capacity to steer through these complexities will determine its future prosperity.

Tesla share price year-to-date (April 2024)

Tesla share price year-to-date (April 2024)

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