AI art

Microsoft is promoting new computers equipped with advanced chips, engineered to operate the new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities embedded in the Windows operating system. On Monday 20th May 2024, Microsoft unveiled a Surface Laptop and a Surface Pro tablet, both featuring a Qualcomm chip capable of executing AI tasks bothRead More →

AI Chatbot Gemini

Google is advancing the frontiers of artificial intelligence (AI) with its new release, Gemini 1.5 Flash, which is set to transform our online information interactions. Unveiled at Google I/O 2024, this latest model enhances sophisticated features with rapid performance and efficiency. The new AI Chatbot was unveiled on 15th MayRead More →

AI Chatbot

Anthropic, the artificial intelligence (AI) startup backed by Amazon, reported on Monday 13th May 2024 that it’s launching its generative AI assistant Claude in Europe on Tuesday 14th May 2024. will be accessible to both individuals and businesses via the web and an iPhone app. While it is already freeRead More →

Meta announces new Chatbot assistant

Meta’s complimentary artificial intelligence (AI) assistant, known as Meta AI, is being introduced across its social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. The assistant is reportedly designed to respond to queries, craft animations, and produce ‘high-quality’ images, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a recent video posting.Read More →

Chatbot learning

Google’s ‘Woke’ AI Problem needs attention In recent days, Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) tool, Gemini, has faced intense criticism online. As the tech giant’s answer to the OpenAI/Microsoft chatbot ChatGPT, Gemini can respond to text queries and even generate images based on prompts. However, its journey has been far from smooth.Read More →

AI power

U.S. microchip giant Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is investing in AI PCs to take on the likes of Nvidia and Intel and Arm as the AI race gains momentum. As the AI market expands so too will AI powered personal computer (PC). These are personal computers embedded with processors specifically designed to perform AI functions suchRead More →


Apple and generative AI technology is a topic that has been generating a lot of interest and speculation lately. According to various reports, Apple is working on developing its own large language model and chatbot, which could potentially enhance its products and services with new features and capabilities. However, someRead More →

Creepy chatbot

Meta has announced a series of new chatbots to be used in its Messenger service. Charming The chatbots will have ‘personality’ and specialise in certain subjects, like holidays, and cooking. Let’s hope they haven’t been modelled on the company boss then. It is the latest attempt in a chatbot ‘chat’Read More →

ChatBot AI

AI Chatbot ChatGPT reportedly has a political bias ChatGPT, the popular artificial intelligence chatbot, shows a significant and systemic left-wing bias, UK researchers have found. According to the new study by the University of East Anglia, this includes favouring the Labour Party and President Joe Biden’s Democrats in the U.S. Concerns about an inbuilt political biasRead More →

Robot AI

Accuracy According to a recent news article, Google says people should use its search engine to check whether information provided by Bard is actually accurate, as it may display inaccurate or offensive information that doesn’t represent Google’s views. Just Google views I wonder…? Google’s UK boss Debbie Weinstein said Bard wasRead More →

AI Robots Chatting

Baidu said its AI system called Ernie 3.5 outperformed OpenAI’s ChatGPT and GPT4 in several key areas.  ERNIE – Enhanced Language RepresentatioN with Informative Entities Ernie was first introduced in 2019, and since then, Baidu has been improving and upgrading it with new versions. The latest version, Ernie 3.5, was announcedRead More →

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which is the ability of machines to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. AI can involve various aspects of cognition, such as perceiving, reasoning, learning, problem-solving, and even creativity. Types of AI AI can be classified into different types based on the level ofRead More →