UK Ministry of Defence suffers hack and data breach

The breach involved a third-party payroll system used by the MoD

The compromised system contained names and bank details of both current and past members of the UK armed forces.

While the full extent and consequences of the breach are still under investigation, preliminary results reportedly indicate that no data was extracted during the incident.

It appears that a minimal number of addresses might have been compromised.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) responded quickly by disconnecting the external network, which is managed by a contractor.

Affected service members will be informed as a precautionary measure and will be provided with expert advice.

Hacker’s ID not revealed

The hacker’s identity has not been revealed, but it is significant that in March, the UK and the U.S. charged China with conducting a worldwide campaign of “malicious” cyber-attacks.

These assaults targeted the Electoral Commission watchdog in 2021 and involved online “reconnaissance” of MPs’ and peers’ email accounts. The limited response to these events highlights the persistent cybersecurity challenges and the importance of constant alertness.

As the inquiry progresses, the MoD is expected to implement additional security measures to safeguard sensitive data, measures that ideally should have already been established.

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