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Apple reportedly cancels EV project it never admitted doing

Apple has reportedly cancelled its plans to build an electric car, bringing an end to a secretive project known as Project Titan

The EV project consumed immense resources over the past 10 years, with executives from the company making an unexpected announcement. The decision to halt the program marks a significant retreat from Apple’s previous strategy.

Apple has never publicly acknowledged the project, which was rumoured to involve some two thousand people.

Key points:

  • Project Titan: Under the codename Project Titan, Apple aimed to develop an electric, semi-autonomous vehicle. The company reportedly spent billions on this initiative, hiring executives from renowned car companies and acquiring autonomous vehicle startups.
  • Setbacks and Delays: The attempts to bring an Apple EV to market faced numerous setbacks, including layoffs, executive departures, and shifting ambitions. 
  • Shift to Generative AI: Many employees who worked on the electric car project will now transition to working on generative artificial intelligence (AI) projects. Apple’s focus will shift toward AI research and development.
  • Tesla Comparison: Initially, Apple reportedly considered developing an entirely self-driving car with no steering wheel. However, the company later decided to focus on a vehicle with some self-driving capabilities, akin to Tesla’s EVs.

Apple now aims to deliver generative AI features to consumers within the year

While the electric car dream may have faded, Apple’s focus on cutting-edge technology continues as it shifts towards AI innovation.

But how much more innovation and profit is there left to squeeze from the iPhone?

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