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Intel shares fall after $7 billion operating loss revealed in foundry business

Intel’s stock dropped by 4% during extended trading on Tuesday 2nd April 2024, following the disclosure of long-anticipated financial details for its semiconductor manufacturing division, often referred to as the foundry business, in a filing with the SEC.

The company reportedly disclosed that its foundry business incurred an operating loss of $7 billion in 2023, against sales of $18.9 billion. This represents a greater loss compared to the $5.2 billion operating loss reported by Intel for its foundry business in 2022, which had sales of $27.5 billion.

This is the first time that Intel has disclosed revenue totals for its foundry business separately. Historically, Intel has both designed its own chips as well as its own manufacturing and reported microchip sales to investors.

Other American semiconductor companies such as Nvidia and AMD design their microchips but send them off to Asian factories such as Taiwan’s TSMC for manufacturing.

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