Purest silcon created

Scientists have recently achieved a remarkable breakthrough by creating pure silicon, which could pave the way for quantum computing The world’s purest silicon Researchers have developed an ultra-pure form of silicon, known as silicon-28 (Si-28), which is fundamental for ‘silicon-spin qubits’ in quantum computers. This advancement addresses a major challengeRead More →


Samsung Electronics anticipates its profits for the first quarter of 2024 to surge more than tenfold compared to the previous year. This projection is due to the recovery in chip prices following a post-pandemic decline and a surge in demand for artificial intelligence (AI) related products. As the world’s leadingRead More →

Microchip manufacture

Intel’s stock dropped by 4% during extended trading on Tuesday 2nd April 2024, following the disclosure of long-anticipated financial details for its semiconductor manufacturing division, often referred to as the foundry business, in a filing with the SEC. The company reportedly disclosed that its foundry business incurred an operating lossRead More →

Amazon AI chip

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced Trainium2, a chip for training artificial intelligence (AI) models, and it will also offer access to Nvidia’s next-generation H200 Tensor Core graphics processing units. Amazon’s AWS cloud department of the encompassing Amazon empire has announced new chips for customers to build and run artificial intelligenceRead More →

AI chip image

Nvidia stock closes at all-time high, a day before earnings Shares of Nvidia closed up 2.3% at an all-time high of $504 on Monday 20th November 2023. The record comes ahead of the company’s Q3 results due Tuesday 21st November 2023, when analysts are expecting to see revenue growth of over 170%.Read More →

AI microchip

Nvidia shares rose 4.2% Tuesday 29th August 2023 to close at a record high, after the company announced a partnership with Google that could expand distribution of its artificial intelligence technology (AI). The stock’s bountiful run continued, now up 234% in 2023, making it by far the best performer in the S&P 500.Read More →