Nvidia announces new AI chips

Nvidia has revealed its latest generation of AI chips, coming just months after the release of its preceding model.

This rapid succession underscores the intense competition within the AI chip market and Nvidia’s relentless effort to maintain its leading position.

CEO Jensen Huang has now committed to unveiling new AI chip technology annually, accelerating the company’s prior biannual pace. The latest AI chip architecture, named ‘Rubin,’ is set to follow the ‘Blackwell’ model announced in March 2024, which is currently in production and anticipated to be delivered to customers the latter part of 2024.

Huang’s unveiling of the Rubin has seemingly hastened Nvidia’s already rapid AI chip development.

Nvidia has committed to launching new AI chip designs annually, a cadence Huang reportedly referred to as a ‘one-year rhythm‘ during his Sunday 2nd June 2024 announcement. Previously, the company was committed to updating its chips every two years. But such is the speed and fierce competition of AI development, that original decision has become quickly out-dated.

The swift transition from Blackwell to Rubin, taking less than three months, highlights the intense competition in the AI chip market and Nvidia’s race to maintain its leading position.

AMD and Intel are two major competitors playing catch-up in the AI race.

Nvidia one year share chart

Nvidia one year share chart

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