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October and the stock market

1987 October stock market crash

October is a special month in the stock market for several reasons. It is the month when some of the most spectacular market crashes have occurred, such as in 1929 and 1987. 

However, it is also a month that has historically performed well on average, with a 0.6% price gain for the Dow Jones Industrial Average from 1928 to 2022. 

The month of October also marks the beginning of a seasonal pattern that favours stocks, as the fourth quarter and the winter months tend to see strong rallies. The ‘Santa’ rally may also visit.


However, October can also be a volatile month, with significant swings in both directions. It is the only month where all major indices have recorded losses of at least 17% (in 1987 and 2008), but also the month where the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average have posted their highest percentage gains of any month (in 1974 and 2022).

Therefore, investors should be prepared for potential turbulence and seek professional advice to navigate the market. Do your research!


Read-all-about-it, 1987 October stock market crash!

Additionally, October may face some special factors that could affect the market performance this year, such as the ongoing strike action, the rising inflation and interest rates, and the political uncertainty in the U.S. over the debt ceiling and government spending. These factors could create headwinds or even opportunities for different sectors and industries, depending on how they are resolved.


In summary, October is a month that has a mixed reputation in the stock market, with both risks and rewards. Investors should be aware of the historical trends and the current events that could influence the market direction.

Doom & Gloom
‘How bad can October really get?’ ‘Remember the 1987 crash?’

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