Arm Holdings

Arm juggernaut of an IPO

Ultra successful IPO for arm

Investors gobbled up UK microchip designer Arm Holdings at its U.S. debut on the Nasdaq on 14th September 2023, sending its market value soaring to $60 billion (£48.3 billion).

The shares ended the day worth more than $63 each, after climbing by almost 25% from the high end start of $51 per share set by Arm.

The sale was the biggest initial public offering of the year, raising $4.87 billion for owner Softbank Group.

Despite some concerns surrounding the company’s exposure to risks in China and a potential AI slowdown – the shares soared.

British tech

A star of the British technology industry, Arm designs microchips for devices including smartphones and game consoles. It estimates that some 70% of the world’s population uses products that rely on its chips, including nearly all of the world’s smartphones. And with AI nestling in on the horizon, the future potential for Arm is massive.

Arm stock chart 14th September 2023

Arm said it expects the total market for its chip designs to be worth about $250 billion by 2025, including new growth areas such as data centres and cars.


Many of Arm’s royalties come from products released decades ago. About half of the company’s royalty revenue of $1.68 billion in 2022, came from products released between 1990 and 2012.

Bright Future

The future looks bright for Arm but the company is trading at more than 25 times its most recent full year of revenue, and at more than 100 times profit.

And that could be where things get tricky for Arm in the not too distant future. Projections for future profits will be interesting, esecially if it’s to keep up with Nvidia for instance.

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