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New Arm IPO substantially over subscribed


The upcoming IPO of Arm Holdings, the British chip designer that is owned by SoftBank Group is already oversubscribed by more than 10 times. Bankers plan to stop taking orders by the afternoon of 12th Deptember 2023.

This means that there is a massive demand for the shares and the company may raise more money than expected. The IPO could end up as much as 15 times oversubscribed by Wednesday 13th September 2023, which would indicate a very high valuation for Arm.

High end valuation $55 billion

Arm filed for its IPO at $47 to $51 a share, which could value the company at $54.5 billion at the high end of the range. However, Arm is still reportedly considering raising the price range of its IPO. This could easily make Arm one of the most valuable tech companies in the world.

ARM IPO over subscribed September 2023

Arm is a key part of the chip supply chain, designing semiconductors found in most of the world’s smartphones, as well as other devices and applications. 

Arm is poised to become a bigger and more profitable business, as it shifts to high-margin chips and benefits from the boom in cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI). 

Arm’s CEO Rene Haas has been pitching investors on this pivot and the growth prospects of the company.

What a success story.

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