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UK posts record budget surplus in January 2024

The U.K. logged a record £16.7 billion net budget surplus in January 2024, according to official figures released on Wednesday 21st February 2024

The Office for National Statistics noted that the country’s public finances usually run a surplus in January, unlike during other months, as receipts from annual self-assessment tax returns come in.

Combined self-assessment income and capital gains tax receipts totaled £33 billion in January, the ONS noted, down £1.8 billion from the same period of last year.

Total government tax receipts came in at a record £90.8 billion, up £2.9 billion compared to January 2023.

Government borrowing during the financial year spanning to the end of January 2024 was £96.6 billion, £3.1 billion lower than over the same 10-month period a year ago and £9.2 billion lower than the £105.8 billion previously forecast by the independent Office for Budget Responsibility.

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