The UK government said it intends to bring a number of crypto asset activities under the same regulations that govern banks and other financial services firms. The U.K. government has recently announced its plans to regulate the crypto industry with formal legislation by 2024. The government aims to protect consumers and growRead More →

UK government incompetence

Utterly shocking eye watering covid fraud related losses incurred through government incompetence. The UK covid fraud amount is not a single figure, but rather a sum of various losses due to fraud and error across different government schemes and programmes. List of government failures and waste £21bn of public moneyRead More →


The latest U.S. jobs report for September 2023 was released on Friday, October 6, 2023. The U.S. economy added 336,000 jobs last month, much more than expected, despite the Federal Reserve’s struggle to cool the world’s largest economy.  The unemployment rate was 3.8%, in line with August 2023. The data lifted hopes thatRead More →

Magic message lecturn

‘Have you noticed everytime the government needs to persuade the public that their ‘message’ is so super important – they roll out the magic message lectern”. Other important messages And this… And this one… The latest government slogan… ‘LONG-TERM DECISIONS FOR A BRIGHTER FUTURE’ Let’s roll out the advertisements toRead More →