UK government incompetence

Why was this allowed to happen?

Utterly shocking eye watering covid fraud related losses incurred through government incompetence.

The UK covid fraud amount is not a single figure, but rather a sum of various losses due to fraud and error across different government schemes and programmes.

List of government failures and waste

£21bn of public money lost in fraud since COVID pandemic began and most will never be recovered.

£34.5m stolen in pandemic scams by more than 6,000 cases of Covid-related fraud and cyber-crime.

£16bn lost due to fraud and error in Covid loans schemes.

£4.5bn in Covid-19 support lost to error and fraud since 2020.

Breathtaking incompetence

These figures are based on the reports and audits by the National Audit Office, the Action Fraud team, the HMRC, and other sources. However, they may not reflect the full extent of the problem, as some fraud cases may not be reported or detected.

The UK government has taken some measures to tackle fraud and recover the losses, such as creating the Public Sector Fraud Authority, the taxpayer protection taskforce, and the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit.

The incompetence shown by the UK government is utterly breathtaking.

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