Iconic BT Tower

Famous London landmark sold to U.S. bidder

British telecoms group BT said Wednesday 21st February 2024 that it had agreed to sell London’s iconic BT Tower – once an important piece of network infrastructure

It has been sold to developer MCR Hotels for £275 million ($346.6 million).

The 189-meter structure has loomed over the capital city’s central Fitzrovia since 1965, when it opened as the Post Office tower.

It carried telecommunications signals from London to the rest of the country, but its microwave aerials were made redundant more than a decade ago.

It was also known for a revolving restaurant on its 34th floor, which took 22 minutes to complete a rotation.

MCR Hotels owns 150 properties, including the TWA Hotel located in the former TWA Flight Centre at JFK International Airport in New York, USA.

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