Failed missile test

SPLASH DOWN! ‘Oops – that didn’t go so well again, but it got a little bit further this time!’

MOD missile test flops as £17 million weapon plops into sea

The Trident missile test is a routine exercise of the UK’s nuclear deterrent, which involves firing an unarmed missile from a submarine into the Atlantic Ocean

However, the latest test failed when the missile’s booster rockets didn’t function correctly and plopped into the sea near the launch site. 

This is the second time in a row that a Trident missile test has failed, raising concerns over the reliability and safety of the UK’s nuclear weapons system. The defence secretary and the head of the navy were on board the submarine HMS Vanguard when the test went wrong. 

Deterrent remains a safe option…?

The Ministry of Defence said the nuclear deterrent remains ‘safe, secure and effective’ and that the issue was specific to the test and would not affect a real launch. So that’s reassuring to hear then.  

However, some critics have called for an inquiry into the incident and questioned the need for spending billions of pounds on renewing the Trident programme.

This is highly embarrassing for both the UK and the U.S. and for the manufacturer of the Trident missile.

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