Is Apple planning to build an AI robot?

Reports indicate that Apple is delving into AI-powered robotics, aiming to innovate within the home robotics sector. A Bloomberg article reveals that the tech titan is exploring two fascinating initiatives.

Mobile Robot

Apple is reportedly exploring the development of a robot that can accompany its owner. Envision a congenial AI companion that travels with you.

Robotic Display

The project aims to develop a robotic mechanism capable of moving displays. Despite being periodically removed and reinstated on Apple’s roadmap; it is still in the preliminary research stage.

The projects are spearheaded by Matt Costello, Apple’s VP of Hardware Engineering, and Brian Lynch, the Senior Director of Home Hardware Engineering. Moreover, Apple’s AI team is developing algorithms to enable robots to navigate homes, potentially linking to the mobile robot initiative.

Apple’s foray into AI-driven home robots comes after shelving its electric vehicle project, marking an intriguing development. The company is exploring the integration of AI into AirPods and the possibility of creating smart glasses. Despite not launching generative AI tools as swiftly as some rivals, Apple is set to introduce some later this year.

In the realm of robotics, Apple enters a field with established entities like Amazon, Roomba, and Unitree, which have already introduced home robotics products.

Therefore, it’s worth watching for upcoming Apple AI products in the future!

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