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Google halts Gemini AI image generator after it created inaccurate historical content

Google on Thursday 22nd February 2024 said it is pausing its Gemini artificial intelligence (AI) image generation feature after saying it offers ‘inaccuracies’ in historical pictures

Users had been reporting that the AI tool generated images of historical figures, like the U.S. Founding Fathers as people of colour, calling this inaccurate.

Google posted a statement on Thursday 22nd February 2024, saying that it will pause Gemini’s feature to generate images of people and will re-release an ‘improved’ version soon.

Is Google struggling to keep up with the AI race?

The image generator tool was launched at the start of February 2024 through Gemini, which was orignally called Bard.

It is facing challenges at a time when Google is trying to catch up with Microsoft-backed OpenAI project, Copilot.

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