Wall Street

Sudden sell-off confounds analysts – is it profit taking or economic woe?

The Nasdaq and Dow hit new all-time highs in recent days and the S&P 500 is hot on their heels.

After nine straight days of gains, Wall Street suddenly reversed an hour and a half before the closing bell on Wednesday 20th December 2023.

The sell-off expanded into Asia overnight, with Japan’s Nikkei 225 leading losses, before stocks across Europe also slid into the red on the Thursday morning, 21st December 2023.

Some indicated Wednesday’s sell-off was as simple as investors taking profits after a nine-day mini bull run, in the absence of any obvious catalyst and with U.S. stocks widely seen as overbought.

Other market analysts pointed to a high volume of zero-day options trading as the death knell for the winning streak.

Time left for a Santa rally?

Markets have been on a tear in recent eeks and months, maybe it’s time for a breather. But some suggest U.S. equities are overbought in general – so, is this something more discerning?

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