Nvidia AI chip

Nvidia’s AI chip boom continues, latest figures show

Nvidia’s revenue grew 206% from year 2022 during the quarter ending 29th October 2023, according to data from Nvidia.

Net income, at $9.24 billion, or $3.71 per share, was up from $680 million, in the same quarter of 2022.

The company’s data centre revenue came in at: $14.51 billion, up a massive 279% and above consensus of $12.97 billion. Half of the data centre revenue came from cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon, and the other from consumer internet and large companies, Nvidia said. Healthy uptake also came from clouds that specialized in renting out GPUs to clients.

Earnings: $4.02 per share, adjusted, vs. $3.37 per share expected

Revenue: $18.12 billion, vs. $16.18 billion expected

The gaming segment contributed $2.86 billion, up 81% and higher than the $2.68 billion general consensus. Nvidia’s future guidance suggested $20 billion in revenue for Q4, implying a nearly 231% revenue growth.

Year on year Nvidia share price movement.

Year on year Nvidia share price movement – Nov 2022 – Nov 2023

During the quarter, Nvidia announced the GH200 GPU, which has more memory than the current H100 and an additional Arm processor onboard. The H100 is expensive and in demand. Nvidia said Australia-based Iris Energy, an owner of bitcoin mining data centers, was buying 248 H100s for $10 million, which works out around $40,000 each.

Nvidia’s revenue grew 206% year over year during the quarter ending 29th October 2023, according to data from Nvidia.

Nvidia share price moved down 1% in after-hours trading on Tuesday 21st November 2023 after the reporting fiscal Q3 results that surpassed predictions. But the company called for a negative impact in the next quarter because of export restrictions affecting sales to organizations in China and other countries.

‘We expect that our sales to these destinations decline significantly in the Q4 2024, though we believe the decline will be more than offset by strong growth in other regions’, Nvidia reported.

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