Bitcoin demonstrates its volatility after early December rally

A $5000 fall in 24 hours.

Bitcoin fell 7% Monday 11th December 2023 after touching $45,000 demonstrating its aptitude for volatility. A $5000 fall in 24 hours.

The move comes after a 12% tear for Bitcoin in December 2023 as expectations grew that the U.S. could soon approve its first spot bitcoin ETF.

Bitcoin has been on a steady climb in recent weeks, following a long period of market apathy that witnessed the price trade in a narrow range for months.

Bitcoin price as of Tuesday 12th December 2023

Bitcoin is a volatile investment – be VERY careful.

The sudden pullback triggered a spike in liquidations. Bitcoin: $146 million in long liquidations on Monday, and Ether: $100 million.

Other Altcoins such as: ADA, XRP fell in unison.

Bitcoin’s volatility will likely see it climb back to the $45,000 level quite quickly.

NOTE: Bitcoin can damage your wealth. Do your research!


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