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U.S. bank boss warns world facing ‘most dangerous time in decades.’

The world may be facing ‘the most dangerous time… in decades’, bank boss Jamie Dimon has reportedly warned.

The chief executive of JP Morgan Chase told investors recently that he was concerned about the risks to the economy from rising geo-political tensions. He said wars in Ukraine and Israel could hit energy and food prices, and global trade.

Thousands have been killed in Israel and Gaza after an unprecedented attack by Palestinian militant group Hamas. Mr Dimon, who leads America’s biggest bank, was speaking as the firm revealed its latest quarterly results.

Banking the profits from higher interest rates

The bank reported $13 billion (£10.7 billion) in profit over the three months to September 2023, up 35% from the same period in 2022.

Dimon said the bank had benefited from U.S. households and business in healthy financial shape but warned that he remained cautious about the state of the global economy, given the many risks emerging. What about the effect of interest rate increases on profits the bank has benefitted from too?

‘My caution is that we are facing so many uncertainties out there,‘ he reportedly said. So helpful Mr. Dimon. He told investors they should be prepared to face higher interest rates, persistent inflation, as well as fallout from the violent conflicts.

How perceptive?

I wouldn’t necessarily call his comments very intuitive – interest, inflation and conflict is there for all to see.

Shame he didn’t use his super magical powers of detection to get ahead of the inflation problem earlier.

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