Digital £ pound

Digital £ Pound Sterling

The digital pound is a proposed new form of money that would be issued by the Bank of England and backed by the government. It would be similar to a digital banknote, enabling you to use it in-store or online to make payments.

It would not be intended to replace cash, but complement it. The digital pound is also known as digital sterling or Britcoin.

Bank of England and UK Government

The Bank of England and HM Treasury are looking at the idea of a digital pound because they think it might offer a new way to pay, help businesses, build trust in money, and better protect the UK’s financial system. They have published a Consultation Paper, which explores the need for the digital pound and proposes a set of design choices for it. They are also engaging with businesses and communities to get their views on the digital pound.

The digital pound is not a cryptocurrency or cryptoasset. Unlike cryptocurrencies, which have volatile values, the digital pound would be issued by the Bank of England and have a stable value, just like banknotes.

I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of £10.00

The digital £ is coming to a bank near you or more likely, an app near you

£10 in digital pounds would always have the same value as a £10 banknote.

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