Train strikes

‘What’s the point of HS2 if there is no one to run it?’ ‘Beats me… guess we’re stuck with it!’

‘Is this the end of the line’?

Yet more strike action continues to create chaos for travellers

Much of the UK will have no train services on Friday 1st Septemebr 2023 as the latest major strike action takes place.

Members of Aslef, the train drivers’ union, who work at more than a dozen train companies, have walked out and have refused to work.

Up to 20,000 RMT union members at 14 operators will also strike on Saturday in a long-running dispute

Meanwhile, a consultation closing most ticket offices in England ends.

Ticket office closures

Unions and disability groups have also taken action against other proposed working practices in the industry, such as ticket office closures.

Currently, nearly 300 stations in England run by train companies with Department for Transport contracts have a full-time staffed ticket office – 708 are staffed part-time. Under the proposals, most would close.

Train strikes
‘What’s the point in HS2 if there is no one to run it’? ‘Beats me… guess we’re stuck with it!’

Ongoing dispute

The UK train strikes are part of an ongoing dispute between the rail unions and the train operators over pay and conditions.

  • ASLEF members at 16 rail operators will strike again on Friday, 1st September 2023 and Saturday, 2nd September 2023.
Strike action
‘What year is it? Strike action continues to hold inflation higher. Been here too many times before’.
  • RMT members at 14 train companies will strike again on 2nd September 2023. This will severely affect the timetables.

Pay dispute and working practices

The rail unions are demanding a pay rise that reflects the rising cost of living, as well as job security and improved working conditions. The train operators say they need to make changes to the ways of working in order to save money and improve efficiency, especially after the pandemic hit their finances hard. 

The Rail Delivery Group, which represents the train operators, has offered a 5% pay rise for 2022, but the unions have rejected it as insufficient and conditional on reforms they oppose.

The train strikes have caused significant disruption and frustration for millions of passengers, especially during the peak summer holiday season. The government has urged both sides to resume talks and find a resolution

Train strikes
‘Does this train go north’?

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