UK House Price Drop

UK house prices fall according to the Nationwide Building Society

UK house prices dropped at their fastest annual pace for 14 years in July 2023, according to Nationwide.

The building society said house prices dropped by 3.8%, which is the biggest decline since July 2009. Nationwide said mortgage interest rates remain high, making affordability a difficult for house-buyers. Mortgage costs hit the highest level for 15 years in July 2023 as lenders grappled with inflation and uncertainty over rates set by the (BoE) Bank of England. The BoE recently raised interest rates by 0.5% to 5% in a belated efforet to curb rampant inflation which is currently well above the 2% target.

Average UK house £260,828

The average price of a home in the UK is £260,828 – 4.5% below the August 2022 peak. Many first-time buyers would welcome a drop in house prices, which have climbed in recent years, including during the pandemic.

But despite July’s fall, higher mortgage rates mean housing affordability ‘remains stretched‘, Nationwide said.

Real average house price data from 1975 – 2022*

*Indicative guide only (prices adjusted for inflation).

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