Wearable tech

Tech companies try to jazz up old products

See-through screens, phones that wrap around your wrist, expandable displays and smart rings – just some of the products on display at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Samsung ring

Samsung’s Galaxy Ring, its latest wearable, is launching with health-tracking features including heart rate and sleep monitoring.

Samsung ring – latest wearable device. Works in conjunction with smart watch and app

These are all concept tech that gadget makers showed off this week in a bid to stand out from competitors.

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, companies from Lenovo to ZTE showed off displays for their devices.

ZTE 3D display

ZTE showed off a second-generation tablet that displays three-dimensional images. Typically, 3D images have required some sort of glasses to view, as is the case with 3D movies in theatres.

But this screen produces a 3D image without glasses.

Lenovo see-through screen

China’s Lenovo showed a prototype of a laptop with a see-through display.

The company, which is the world’s largest PC maker, showed how an object can be placed behind the screen and detected by the device’s cameras. Information about the object would be displayed on the screen.

Lenovo’s transparent screen concept
Motorola’s adaptive ‘flexible’ display concept

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