Climate target push back

Polluting car and climate push back

New car show room

Climate target push back
”I’d like to buy a new car please’. ‘Yes, of course… do you want a… gas, coal, wood, petrol, diesel, vegetable oil, virgin oil, hydrogen, electric, hybrid, pedal, jet, or rice powered one?” ‘Umm, I think I’ll leave it for now thank you’.

We just don’t have the funds, do we?

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is reportedly planning to water down some of Britain’s climate commitments, saying the country must fight climate change without penalising workers and consumers.

Sunak issued a statement Tuesday in response to a BBC report saying the prime minister is considering extending deadlines for bans on new petrol and diesel cars – currently due in 2030 —- and on new natural-gas home heating.

The news drew dismay from environmental groups, opposition parties and some members of Sunak’s Conservative Party. It broke as senior politicians from the U.K. and around the world gather at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, where Biden and Yellen have placed climate high on the agenda.

Senior Tories who have championed net zero policies are reportedly furious at Sunak’s plans to delay or water down green measures. They warn that the decision will cost the U.K. jobs, inward investment and future economic growth that could have been theirs by committing to the industries of the future.

We won’t save the UK by bankrupting its people – Braverman

Home Secretary Suella Braverman says she backs Rishi Sunak’s expected shift on how the UK gets to net zero carbon emissions.

We’re not going to save the country by bankrupting the British people,’ she told BBC Breakfast.

It must be true, I’ve just seen it on the news. Is the UK broke? Is this the real reason for the climate roll-back?

‘We’re not going to save the country by bankrupting the British people’.

I for one am very confused??

Does the UK have the money? Is it a too big-a-burden for the UK tax payer? Can the UK generate enough ‘POWER’ from renewables? The UK needs fossil fuels?

Most of the world still needs fossil fuels!

Are we really ready to switch yet? Renewables and fossil fuels will have to work hand-in-hand for some time yet.

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