OpenAI and Reddit strike a deal

Reddit’s shares have surged following the announcement of a partnership with AI start-up OpenAI

Through this deal, OpenAI, the creator of the ChatGPT chatbot, will gain access to Reddit’s content and introduce AI-driven features to the platform.

OpenAI has also secured agreements with various publishers, reports suggest, including the Associated Press and the Financial Times, in the past few months.

This move underscores Reddit’s strategy to diversify its revenue streams beyond advertising.

Additionally, the partnership emerges amidst increasing legal actions by copyright holders against AI companies for utilizing their content.

Sony, the world’s largest music publisher, reportedly issued letters to Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI inquiring about the potential use of its songs in AI system development.

Furthermore, Google formed a partnership in February, granting the tech behemoth access to Reddit’s data for AI model training.

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