Instacart IPO

Instacart 75% plunge in valuation

Venture firms take a hit

Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz, two of Silicon Valley’s most high-profile venture firms, are poised to take a massive hit on their investments in grocery delivery company Instacart, a deal that closed in 2021 as tech stocks were soaring.

In its latest IPO prospectus update, Instacart said it plans to sell shares at $28 – $30 a share, valuing the company at around $10 billion at the top of the range. That’s more than 75% below where Sequoia and Andreessen invested in early 2021. At that time, Instacart sold shares at $125 a pop valuing Instacart at $39 billion.

Valuation plunge

The reason for the valuation collapse is that the U.S. economy reopened after the pandemic, then inflation spiked and the Federal Reserve started raising interest rates, which were stuck near to zero throughout the Covid pandemic.

Borrowed money suddenly became expensive again, and quickly too. Tech’ companies in early stages of development, need access to research and development finance – interest rate increases restricted investment.

Instacart 75% plunge in valuation from original price of $125 per share

Then consumers started shopping again on foot, and with capital costs increasing, investors began demanding that companies find a strong path to profitability.


Instacart is trying to crack open an IPO market that’s been closed for venture-backed companies for nearly two years, so it won’t be easy. However, the ARM IPO recently may re-adjust that view.

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