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If only I bought these stocks 30 years ago

In 1993, amidst the hustle and bustle of family life and work commitments, I distinctly recall contemplating that should I have any disposable income, I would invest it in these particular stocks.

I worked in tech running my own business and Microsoft was one of the businesses I wondered about, Apple was another and later Amazon too.

I never bought them, but had I have done, this is what would have happened.


Microsoft in 1993 was trading at around $2.35 per share. Today the company’s share price is trading at around $374.00 per share. So, had I bought $1,000 (adjusting for splits and dividends), my $1000 would be worth about $160,000 now. Had I bought $10,000 – I would have made just over $1 million.


Had I bought Amazon a little later in 1997 and held it, a $1000 investment would now be worth a staggering $1.7 million (adjusting for splits and dividends). After the IPO and subsequent stock splits Amazon shares were trading at just 7 cents each according to Amazon’s website.


And as for Apple – a stock purchase in 1993 of $1000 would now be worth approximately $900,000 (not allowing for stock splits and dividends). Apple was trading at 22 cents per share in 1993.

The question is, if I had made the stock purchases – would I still be holding them long-term?

I wonder?

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