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Gold demand hit record highs in 2023

Gold demand hit record highs in 2023 on the back of persistent geopolitical tensions and continued weakness in some world economies, particularly China according to the World Gold Council.

Total gold demand stood at 4,899 tons in 2023 compared to 4,741 tons in 2022.  Gold purchases from central banks led to last year’s surge, with purchases exceeding 1,000 tons for two consecutive years. 

Prices reached an all-time high of around $2,135 an ounce in December 2023 as central banks and retail buyers increased their gold investments.

Carats at Costco

Buyers have many outlets from which to make their gold purchases. Costco recently reported selling over $100 million worth of gold bars in the final quarter of December 2023. Weird to think that we can now buy carats with carrots.

Gold bars for sale at Costco

Gold demand in 2024?

According to some analysts’ gold purchases this year are unlikely to meet 2023 levels, but a fall in inflation could prevent a drastic drop in demand.

When inflation drops significantly, consumers will start to feel ‘better-off’, and this could mitigate some of the drop in demand.

Gold carat

A Gold carat is a unit used to measure the purity of gold, with a carat representing 1/24th part of the whole.

Pure gold is 24 carats, meaning that it is 100% gold with no other metals added. However, gold used for jewellery and other applications is rarely pure, and its purity is measured in carats to determine its value.

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