Bitcoin bashes through $37000 and closes in on $38000

Bitcoin rose to a new high for 2023 on Thursday 9th November 2023 as optimism around a potential Bitcoin ETF approval continued to build.

The price of the Bitcoin rose more than 6% to climb above $37000 for the first time since May 2022. It touched $37900 before drifting back slightly. Ether was little changed but held recent gains and was trading just below the $2000 level.

The rise in the Bitcoin triggered a wave of short liquidation overnight, which aided and propelled crypto prices higher.

Over the past year, cryptocurrencies in general have been desperately searching for a catalyst and the ETF news has been just that. We may witness another big surge when the ETF news fully breaks.


Other crypto assets as well as crypto equities enjoyed the Bitcoin price wave. Solana, one of the biggest outperformers in crypto this year, gained 11%. The tokens related to Cardano and Polygon rose 4% and 3%.

When Bitcoin surges, Ether and other altcoins tend to follow suit. Bitcoin is up over 120% year-to-date, we are seeing many other coins turning bullish now too, and trading volumes are picking up.

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