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Apple takes top spot in China’s smartphone market

In 2023 Apple became the biggest smartphone vendor by shipments in China for the first time.

Last year, Honor, a spin-off from Chinese company Huawei, held the second spot with almost a 17% market share, followed by Vivo, Huawei and then Oppo.

One of the biggest changes in 2023 was Huawei’s return to the top five in China in the Q4. The iphone has been one of the world’s best-selling selling products of all time.

Since the introduction of the Apple iphone in 2007 by Steve Jobs, its inventor and company joint founder, it has gone on to sell 2.3 billion and has over 1.5 billion ‘active’ users. Not bad for a product that investors initially called ‘dead on arrival’ due to lack of interest and sales.

Nokia 3310

In 2007 the Nokia 3310 was the clear market leader and easily king of the mobile phone market. Nokia sold 7.4 million units in 2007 – Apple sold just 1.4 million. Nokia was the ‘go to product’. But not for long.

Oh my, how things have changed. Apple is the now the world’s best-selling product (not just the world’s best-selling phone) – with Nokia and many others left trailing in the dust.

Apple app store

It was the apps that done it; having a product that could be any number of different ‘products’ in one and held in your hand was a game changer – and that changed the world.

The rest is history.

Apple share price chart from 1984 (the year the Apple Macintosh was introduced)

Apple share price chart from 1984 (the year the Apple mac was introduced)

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