AI thirst for power

AI power hungry data centres go green in Singapore

Singapore is actively addressing the dual challenges of the increasing demand for artificial intelligence (AI) and the pressure on energy resources. The nation recently unveiled a green data centre roadmap to bolster its digital economy aspirations.

Growing AI Demand and Energy Strain

With the increasing demand for digital and AI computation, the requirement for data centre capacity has grown. This heightened demand is exerting pressure on national energy networks, calling for urgent attention.


The Green Data Centre plan is designed to deliver a minimum of 300 megawatts of extra capacity. Singapore’s strategy includes improving energy efficiency in all data centres, implementing energy-efficient IT equipment, and providing incentives or grants to promote resource efficiency.


Singapore acknowledges the substantial contribution of data centres to its ICT sector’s emissions, accounting for 82% of the sector’s emissions and 7% of the nation’s total electricity consumption. By prioritizing energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability, Singapore strives to maintain its position as a premier digital hub while reducing its environmental impact.

International status

Singapore’s data centers capitalize on the nation’s global standing as a commercial and digital centre. The city-state ranks as the second-largest data center market in Southeast Asia and holds the sixth position in the Asia-Pacific region.

In conclusion, Singapore’s focus on green data centres demonstrates its pledge to sustainable development amidst increasing energy needs driven by AI. With an emphasis on energy efficiency and renewable energy, Singapore seeks to harmonize technological progress with ecological stewardship.

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