It was a good day of earnings for Big Tech companies.  Three of the Magnificent 7 results dominated the headlines: Meta, Amazon and Apple. Nasdaq and S&P 500 gained in ‘after the bell’ trading. This after a punishing day for Alphabet and Microsoft, despite good results. Nasdaq 100 closed at: 17344Read More →


Apple and generative AI technology is a topic that has been generating a lot of interest and speculation lately. According to various reports, Apple is working on developing its own large language model and chatbot, which could potentially enhance its products and services with new features and capabilities. However, someRead More →


What are Luddites? Luddites were a group of workers who protested against the use of machinery that threatened their livelihoods in the early 19th century in Britain. They were not opposed to technology in general, but to the specific machines that were ‘taking away their livelihoods’. They attacked factories and smashedRead More →