Gold at record high

Gold futures rise above $2125 to highest level ever

Gold futures for April settled at $2126 per ounce, the highest-level going back to the *contract’s creation in 1974.

Analysts suggest that, adjusting for inflation, gold set an all-time high of approximately $3200 in 1980 and bodes well for big gold increases to come in the future.

Why is gold going up?

The outlook for interest rates. The Federal Reserve is expected to cut rates in 2024 to further stimulate the economy as the inflation fight comes to an end. Lower interest rates make gold more attractive as an alternative asset that does not pay any income.

The geopolitical and economic uncertainty. The U.S.-China trade and political tensions, the conflicts in the Middle East, the Russia/Ukraine war, other conflicts around the world and the upcoming U.S. presidential election are all sources of risk and volatility for the global markets. Investors seek gold as a safe haven asset that can preserve wealth and hedge against inflation.

The supply and demand dynamics. The demand for gold has been rising from central banks, investors, and consumers, especially in China and India, the world’s largest gold consumers. The supply of gold, on the other hand, has been constrained by the pandemic-related disruptions, environmental regulations, and declining ore grades.

Gold price as at 08:20 GMT 5th March 2024 in U.S. dollars per ounce

Gold price per ounce as at 08:20 GMT 5th March 2024 in U.S. dollars

The above are some of the reasons why the price of gold is climbing to touch an all-time high. However, the future performance of gold may depend on how the economic and political situation evolves, as well as the market sentiment and expectations.

Gold is a complex and dynamic asset that can be influenced by many factors, both fundamental and psychological.

*Gold contract creation 1974

The gold futures contract for April 1974 was the first gold contract to be traded on the U.S. futures market, and it settled at $126.30 per ounce on its first day of trading. The contract was created after the U.S. ended the gold standard in 1971 and allowed the price of gold to fluctuate according to markets.

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